What is a Moshav?

A kibbutz is a type of settlement which is unique to Israel and in Hebrew means “gathering, group, or collective.” Kibbutz farmers and their families pool resources and share in the wealth that is produced as a result of their work. They are a multi-generation settlement with democratic management.

Today, although the shared and family-oriented lifestyle attracts young families, they have moved toward a more privatized approach to the land and property – the Moshav - which is a type of Kibbutz or settlement which operates as a cooperative social enterprise and is sustainable.

Helping the Israel Community

Both Palestinian and Jewish staff work hand in hand to develop the date plantation at Moshav Yitav. Support and bless the Israel Messianic community by adopting a date tree and receive an annual delivery of Solomon dates.

Up close & Personal

Meet their big family

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Blow the Shofar horn

Carry a 150 year old Torah