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Israel Messianic Encounter 2018

Catch the heartbeat of God for his people in this enriching and impactful encounter in the Holy Land! Follow the footsteps of Jesus and re-live the bible with unique activities such as renewal of wedding vows at Cana, baptism in Jordan River and sharing and reflection on the Mount of Beatitudes. Immerse yourself in modern day Israel communities and gain an intimate understanding of their history and culture through visits to the Kibbutz, blessing and bonding with Holocaust survivors, participating in traditions (E.g. Hanukkah, unveiling of ancient Torah) and messianic ministries.

Special Activities:

Departure Dates 2018

18 Oct - 27 Oct

25 Oct - 05 Nov

04 Nov - 16 Nov

18 Nov - 29 Nov

28 Nov - 07 Dec

03 Dec - 14 Dec

07 Dec - 17 Dec

17 Dec - 27 Dec

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