Raffles Air


great quality services

Dear friends, I am Ps Castellanos and I am a world traveler and I have been able to count on the services of Raffles Air for 11 years now. And I can comment that You really fulfill the requirements to look after your clients and I see that your work is so excellent and therefore today, I am honored to say that you deliver great quality services.“

Ps Cesar Castellanos, the Founder and leader of the worldwide G12 movement

excellent service

With heartful thanks and appreciation for your wonderful care and excellent service to the saints at Community of Praise Baptist Church during our camp in Penang. You are a blessing to us.

Ps George


Thank U Raffles Air!! Your love of Israel is contagious. Your knowledge unmatched. I will leave a part of my heart behind in Israel. I will think differently of Israel. The Israel people inspire me. I will also remember protect the land protect the flag. The contrasts too between old and new. North and South. Jews and Arabs. Remarkable. With much appreciation.